Data science is the most sought-after field in the technology world. Its application is widespread in every possible public and government sector. Every sector is slowly transforming its operations in the digital platform. Skilled data science professionals perform handling of these digital platforms, but their responsibilities vary depending on the task assigned to them.

     Hyderabad provides enormous opportunities and educational institutes for upskilling & career development. Irrespective of your experience level, you can enroll in this data science training in Hyderabad and begin your learning journey.

    Need For Data Science Training in Hyderabad

    The new tech city holds many companies that demand proficient data scientists to make facts-driven strategic decisions for maximum monetary gains. The city’s focus on continuous development and technological innovation makes it a suitable choice for undertaking data science courses in Hyderabad. The city is also home to many startups, MSMEs, and multinational companies. These companies’ presence makes the industry’s data science curriculum relevant. In today’s application-based world, industry relevance is paramount, making the learning process practical-oriented and conceptual. Also, many data science enthusiasts will get various options to select from while choosing their preferred industry domains.

    Benchmark of a Perfect Data Science Course in Hyderabad

    • Content of the curriculum- The syllabus, additional program features, and mentor guidance are the important deciding factors declaring the versatility of the curriculum. Versatility plays a significant part in the success of any curriculum. Nowadays, learners also seem to be interested in something other than the curriculum that only restricts the subject’s theoretical learning.
    • Experience of Faculty- The portfolio of the onboarded faculty should be inspected before enrolling in any data science programs. An ideal faculty should be someone who possesses both academic and industry working experience. This way, the trainer can give the learners the most relatable concept-based examples for better understanding. This increases the value of the curriculum and learners’ success rate as well.
    • Flexibility- The curriculum that can be undertaken from any location provides many individuals opportunities to continue their learning process and maintain their other jobs. It also rules out the physical presence of the candidate and their commute to the classroom location, as full education will be in online mode.
    • Placement Support- The learning is of no use if you are not able to land a job after the completion of the coursework. For this reason, many data science trainees in Hyderabad have their committed placement cell that takes care of industrial tie-ups and places enrolled learners for jobs through them. Sometimes, if not a job even a small internship or projectwork is also very helpful in building a strong resume while applying for a job. Additionally, this placement cell also grooms learners for any future data science interviews by conducting mock tests, clearing any conceptual doubts personally, and referring their resumes directly to the companies.

    Ranking Data Science Courses in Hyderabad

    1. Learnbay- It gives a comprehensive learning experience incorporating all essential concepts and practical projects. Thus vigorously training learners to solve real-world challenges with ease. This kind of training also develops the aspirant’s analytical and problem-solving skills. The course has a project innovation lab for facilitating practical learning. Learnbay’s data science course in Hyderabad is engineered in collaboration with IBM and Microsoft, thereby increasing the global recognition value of the program.
    2. Simplilearn- It provides a professional certification program in data science in collaboration with IBM. The course is designed in such a way that it gives a perfect fusion of theoretical and practical learning. The conduct duration of the course is 12 months and is carried out in online mode. For practical learning, a separate lab facility and hands-on project are given.
    3. Great Learning- The name of the curriculum it offers is a data science and business analysis program. Texas McCombs is the collaborator for this program. This coursework mainly aims to help individuals to transition their careers into the data science field. Online mode of learning is the course conduct. It comes with a blend of live online classes and recorded sessions. The duration of the course is 11 months and helps learners go to the right career choice with personalized mentorship and career guidance.
    4. Analytixlab- It has a data specialization course crafted to serve both fresh graduates and working professionals. The mode of education is online and classroom learning. The curriculum is focused on industry-relevant skills and real-world applications. Placement assistance is also provided along with the curriculum for better learning to job conversion rate.


    Following data science training in Hyderabad is the reforming step an individual should take to build a prospering data science career. A variety of curricula are available for data science training. However, choosing the right curriculum depends on individual needs and schedules. Learners who do not have prior commitments can opt for classroom learning, whereas working professionals can go for online learning for upskilling. With the availability of tech surroundings, you can get many data science jobs in the city after finishing the data science training.

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